MAJOR tom headquarters

Concrete Cashmere was selected to design the Major Tom’s new headquarters in Vancouver to match their fresh new rebrand. Major Tom is a strategy-focused marketing agency primed with a holistic approach to developing the right solutions for their clients.

Concrete Cashmere worked closely with Major Tom to carry out the design-build process for their new 10,000 sq. ft. head office in one of Vancouver’s 100-year-old heritage buildings. 

Whether it’s Davie Bowie in the loo, secret bookcase à la private room, or the 3D perspective of the brand Major Tom hanging as the company’s centre piece, every aspect of the office is definitive to the company’s personality and collective values.

The essence that tied together the new office is its consideration for putting “people first.” We provided designs for ample room for team meetings and collaborative functions including large kitchen areas, multi-functional breakout rooms complete with comfy furniture and game consoles to host clients or recharge in, whilst providing reflection stations; hence, the hidden phone room.

The pink spiral staircase that connects the two levels of their headquarters acts as a symbol of the agency’s rebrand. The bright pink is one of the Major Tom’s corporate colours, so our team decided to integrate that into the space design.

Another cool feature we created was a hidden bookcase that is actually a doorway leading into a small phone room. The design was completely custom, with individual trinkets that our team pieced together from bookstores and vinyl record shops to realize and manifest the David Bowie theme.

Project Duration
23 weeks


Major Tom

Services Rendered
Design/Permit Application,
Project Management,
Furniture Services

548 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC

10,000 sq. ft.

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