Raincity Dance Studio


RainCity Dance Studio


RainCity Dance Studio is a Dance Academy offering classes in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, and Hip Hop and specializing in the Royal Academy of Dance exams.

The Concrete Cashmere team took on this exciting, major change-of-use project in 2017. The previous unit had three existing uses. The team was tasked with transforming the space into a functional dance studio for children and adults.

We completed a combined development & building permit application for this interior major change of use, as this unit had THREE existing uses: as a Healthcare Office (Group D), Retail Store (Group E), and General Office (Group D).  Space was successfully changed to suit a new dance studio for children and adults (Group A2), in an existing commercial Heritage A building.

Full coordination with the City Square Mall base building was required as the unit was located within the mall along with street access. Our in-house Architect, Danny Wong, was involved in approving the drawings for the building permit application.

The team provided the design for two large dance studios, 1 smaller flex dance room, 1 office, two change-rooms, 2 accessible washrooms, as well as a small mop sink area for cleaning purposes.

The dance floor studios required special flooring that allowed flexibility for dancing. This caused the corridor flooring to be at a lower level. Instead of raising the entire floor, not within the studios, we created a double-sided ramp in the corridor to allow a smooth transition between the studios and corridor space.

Project Duration
4 Weeks


RainCity Dance Studio

Services Rendered
Interior Design,
Project Management

163 – 555 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

3,053 sq.ft.

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