Peak Resilience Counseling


Peak Resilience Counseling


Peak Resilience is a leading counselling practice in Vancouver, BC specializing in empowering all people to live authentic, meaningful lives.

Concrete Cashmere was engaged to provide design, construction, and furniture sourcing for this new, 14-room office within the downtown core.

Peak Resilience’s new office space resembles a “Resimercial Design” aspect that comes from combining commercial furnishings with residential furniture to bring a ‘home-y’ feel into the workplace.

Our client wanted a space that is comfortable yet trendy with a splash of bohemian style.

This Vanc0uver counselling practice wanted to make sure that their clients feel right at home in each of the 11 enclosed offices in their new space.

The interior design and aesthetics for each room were essential in making sure that the office feels welcoming and breathes life. The furniture selected was comfortable, yet provided a vibrant setting that can resemble one’s living room.  Concrete Cashmere curated a mix and match of both modern and cozy pieces from a variety of sources and finished with wood cabinetry, gold accent lamps, and interesting wall displays. 

Project Duration
11 Weeks


Peak Resilience Counseling


601 – 808 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC

2,856 sq. ft.

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680 - 838 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC  V6C 0A6