Sunrise Resettlement Consulting


Sunrise Resettlement Consulting is a metro Vancouver Immigration Consulting firm providing exceptional services for Permanent Residency and Temporary Residency in Canada.

Concrete Cashmere was approached by Sunrise Global Consulting to provide a full-scale design, construction management, and furnishing for their 700 sq. ft. office in New Westminster, BC.

The newly completed office includes design concepts of modern and clean lines with west coast details to retail a warm appeal.  Although a small space, Concrete Cashmere was able to achieve spaciousness by incorporating loft-style elements when constructing the office keeping the space airy and bright.

Designing a small office space is often met with various restrictions; one of these is limited lighting allowance.  The team designed glass walls with gradient film to let in the natural light into the boardroom providing continuity in the space. Brick walls, lush greenery, and walnut wood panels set an inviting tone for this Resettlement Consulting firm in Vancouver.

Project Duration
4 Weeks


Sunrise Resettlement Consulting Group

Services Rendered
Interior Design,
Project Management,
Furniture Services

510 -11 Eight Street, New Westminster, BC

700 sq. ft.

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